China’s line of policies on hydrogen utilization and their attacks on local cities and testing areas.

Target country: China

Background and assignments

The client company has taken a strength in electronic goods for power generation facilities. On the other hand, the company hasn’t accepted changes in the market caused by renewables. Thus, in terms of hydrogen energy which are expected to replace fossil fuel in the future, the client is willing to consider the latest cases in China and find sales opportunities to sell its own products.

Arches’ approaches

・Research on policies (desk research)

ーInvestigation on its line of policies about renewables, especially about hydrogen energy decided by the national government in China.

ーResearch on policies of each subnational governments based on those  of the national government

ーResearch on current circumstances on objective achievement toward the line of policies that were written above, major factors of successes and failures, and assignments in the future. 

・Case research (desk research and interviews with experts)

ーResearch to list testing areas to establish hydrogen supply chain in China. Understanding about the outline of each project, involved business operators, progress, major assignments and so on.

ーHearings with project owners and EPC business operators on precise plans of projects, detailed rules on bid tender in terms of major projects, assignments on management, trade terms and conditions with vendors.


We have confirmed that the electronics goods of the client company can resolve the problems which involved parties usually apprehend when they build a hydrogen supply chain and start managing it. In addition, its products give them technological improvement. 

Therefore, we reached to support the client continuously in terms of activities of competitive enterprises in China which have similar solutions and building hypotheses about how to make a difference with them.

Top Case Study China’s line of policies on hydrogen utilization and their attacks on local cities and testing areas.