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We help international firms and local businesses succeed by connecting them to the right business partners
Register as a business seeker and help you source potential leads within minutes, all targeted towards what kind of partner you’re seeking.


What We Do

Our clients – All companies looking for business partners
Arches’ “Business Partner Matching” service helps our clients seek out the right business partners to explore new opportunities to grow their businesses.
We aim to leverage the power of our extensive network to increase the collaboration and accelerate the innovation of businesses.

Why work with us

  1. Find the right business partner

    Gain unparalleled insight in your search for the ideal business partner based on your requirements.

  2. Explore new business opportunities

    Register as a business seeker to put your business or your personal services within a firm out on the market. Identify new business opportunities which you never thought available to bolster your business or your individual career.

  3. Get the valued knowledge and network

    Arches serves as a unique executive platform high-valued business insight through offering global market information, networking events, online seminar etc, which could help to reinforce the profitability and quality of your business.

How It Works

  1. Step 01

    Register as Potential Business Partner

    Register as a business seeker and discuss with our “Business Matching Experts” the business opportunities/partnership you seek.

  2. Step 02

    Receive a Business Matching Request

    We will notify you when we identify potential business partner suited to your request.
    At your discretion, we will further negotiate the details of the business matching offer.

  3. Step 03

    Conduct the Meeting

    When the business matching request is mutually agreed by both parties, we will connect you to further discuss in detail through F2F/Online meeting.


  • Merchandiser

    I’m working as merchandiser of growing e-commerce company and always looking for the new potential oversea products for cross-border EC.
    Arches introduced the various potential suppliers in Japan, Korea, China and we could expand our global dealing network.
    Since Arches shared us the background and business information about those potential partners in advance, I could dive into the key discussion from the beginning and save a lot of time.
    I also appreciate that I always have the option to opt out of the meeting in case I don’t have a time or affinity with it.

    — Manager of purchasing at E-commerce company in Vietnam

  • Logistics provider

    Thanks to Arches Business matching service, I could get the new business opportunities for my company and also gain monetary compensation personally by accepting a meeting and sharing my industry-specific local knowledge.
    Actually, we started business with two foreign customers overseas through Arches’ business matching and delivering their product in Vietnam.
    Arches’ professionals strive to find the best fit for every matching and I love their dependability, consistency, discipline and dedication.

    — Director of logistics company in Indonesia


We are working on a myriad of projects across various industry/function/geography and welcome you to refer your talented friends and colleagues to join our workforce.

We will honour your contribution with a referral bonus which you will receive for each consultation that your referral completes within one year of joining our platform,
It’s our way of saying “thank you” for spreading the word and helping to grow our workforce.



  • What does Arches provide?

    Arches is a leading human capital sharing platform providing expert matching service and business opportunity matching in Asian countries. We cooperate with a business seeker to support clients to acquire knowledge/ business opportunity in multiple ways such as F2F meeting, phone consultation, on-site visits and web survey.

  • What is a difference between "Expert" and "Potential Business Partners"?

    We define "Expert" as the person who is well experienced in specific industry and has an insight of each field. Expert get reward by sharing his/her knowledge with our client. "Potential Business Partners" is defined as the person who is looking for new business opportunites globally such as merchandiser, OEM/manufacturers, logistics provider, Offshore / Engineering Lab partner etc. Potential Business Partners can get meeting appointment all over the world and create new business leveraging his/her capability and network. You can register both "Expert" and "Potential Business Partners"