Join Arches as an industry expert.
Investor & business professionals are looking to gain knowledge in most industries (Including very niche one).

A variety of working styles can be realised, such as participating in an interview for an hour, as an adviser for a few days or on a project basis.

Good point

Understand your value

Understand your value

Your knowledge and experience can be valuable information for those who do not know it. You can receive rewards for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Work on your own terms

Work on your own terms

You can participate in interviews for as little as 30 minutes at a time. You can use your own free time and participate in the project whenever and wherever you are.

Social contributions

Social contributions

Your knowledge and experience can help your client company or someone else make decisions. Use the knowledge and experience that only you can offer for the benefit of society.

Enhance your career

Enhance your career

Through Arches projects, you can expand your new network and create business opportunities. You can also take stock of your own knowledge and connect with opportunities for career development.

How to register and join the projects


Register as an expert

Fill in your details on the registration form.
Free registration - You will never be asked to pay any fees.


Receive a Consultation Request

We will contact you as soon as a project starts that requires your knowledge and experience.


Share your knowledge

Once the topic & the date have been confirmed, Arches will set up an online 1 on 1 call with the client for you to share your insight.


What is Arches ?

Arches is the leading human capital sharing platform connecting experts in Asia with clients all over the world.

Is there any registration fee or membership fee to join Arches’ network ?

No. Joining our network is completely free. We will never ask an expert for registration fee or membership fee.

How do I get started ?

The very first step is to register your details with us. The next step is to write a short bio of your professional experience, so we know which consulting assignments are relevant for you. Then all you need to do is keep this information up to date.

What happens once I am put forward for a project?

If we think you are a good candidate for an assignment, you will get an opportunity to review the discussion topics, and decide whether to participate in the project based on your knowledge of the topic and availability.

Whom would I be consulting with?

Typically our clients are consulting firms, private equity/venture capital firms, hedge funds and corporations.

What topics will I be expected to discuss during a project?

Topics differ from one project to another. Typically, our clients are looking for a general industry overview or specific information about a trend, service, or product.
You are under no obligation to answer client questions if they create a conflict of interests, and you should not answer any questions that require you to share confidential information or put you in breach of any contracts you have with your employer.

Do I need to prepare before the consultation? Will I be paid for my preparation time?

Our clients will only expect you to answer general questions based on your experience. You will not need to prepare in advance.

“I don’t have time; I am too busy.” How do I find the time to consult?

We understand that you will have your own personal and professional obligations that need to be worked around. We offer a range of options, including calls as short as 15 minutes, so we are sure we can work out a solution that works for you. When joining projects, please also share your current availability so we can manage this effectively.

Can I consult while currently employed?

If in doubt, this is something you need to check with your employer. Every employer is different, so it is your responsibility to determine whether you are permitted to consult given your current employment circumstances.

Can I talk about my current employer?

o. You must not discuss your current employer or confidential information concerning its relationship with its customers or suppliers. If a client asks you about this, please inform us

Can I talk about businesses that are a customer or supplier of my current company?

Yes, but only if you have no confidentiality agreement in place and you do not disclose any confidential information

Can I share information about my consultations with others?

No. Any information you receive in connection with consultation is strictly confidential. You may not disclose a client’s identity, the subjects discussed, or any information or materials provided to you. This is also true of any surveys in which you are asked to participate.

Can I reveal material non-public or confidential information to others?

No. You should not disclose material non-public Information or confidential information of any sort. If you are asked to reveal such information during a consultation, please end it and notify Arches customer support immediately:

Can I consult with Arches’ clients directly?

No. Intentionally engaging with our clients is prohibited for 12 months after the end of the project in which we first introduced you to them.
This only applies to clients we have introduced you to. You may, of course, continue consulting with your clients and may engage new clients freely.
If one of our clients asks you to consult with them directly, please notify Arches customer support immediately:

Will my discussions with the client be monitored?

We do not join consultations to monitor them. Your conversation will not be recorded by Arches and will stay completely private between you and our client.

How will I be compensated?

When we contact you, we will indicate the average hourly rate for similar consultations (based on role and industry). You can set your rate within these guidelines, but do consider that this is an open, competitive market. Once your consultation is done, you will be paid by bank transfer at the end of next month of your consultation.

When will I get paid?

Your fee will be paid at the end of next month of your consultation.

How many offers can I receive in a year?

The number of consultations you are offered will depend on the market and the nature of your experience. As your profile grows with successful completion of projects with us, the likelihood of opportunities being shared with you will increase.
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