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Expert Matching

Expert Interview

We connect you with a range of experts face-to-face or over the phone to get an in-depth understanding of their particular industry or geography which helps with the assessment of the people who will be a good fit for your project taking your most relevant requirements into account be it by expertise, language or geographic location.

Expert Survey

Compile a questionnaire for several experts, to get a quick overview of the competitive landscape, industry trends or feedback on your product.

Business Partner Meeting Arrangement

Identify, Source & Connect with the most relevant business partner to your company to discuss about potential collaboration or M&A.

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Expert Solution

Expert Interview Memo

Extensively available data and reports across Asian countries which is a premium source of market research and consumer analytics.
Be rest assured for the data sourced to be up-to-date with a real-time understanding of the current market.

Expert Backed Industrial Report

Gain a better knowledge of a sector's competitive environment, market size, and development prospects.

Expert Project Engagement

Be able to select and contract industry specialists just for a guaranteed period of time to get the expertise (Legal, Technical, Financial..) you need on project basis. More flexibility, and you only pay for what you need.

Who Can Benefit?

Consulting Firms

Consultants are busy people and have their own clients to answer to. We save their time by sourcing industry experts for them to talk to, meaning that they can quickly

  • Verify their hypotheses
  • Understand industry best practices
  • Discover new technologies and industry trends

Investment Firms

When a new opportunity arises, investors need to get in-depth knowledge about the industry faster than their peers do. That’s why investors use our expert-matching services to:

  • Get an overview of new markets and the competitive landscape
  • Identify promising companies for investment
  • Understand local and industry-specific regulations


New opportunities and fresh challenges can face many challenges; lack of information and capability inside corporation. Leveraging expert insight and network can help corporations:

  • Understand the market landscape as it evolves
  • Evaluate new business feasibility
  • Connect with potential growth partners

Who Are Our Experts?


Consumer Goods & RetailManufacturing & IndustrialHigh Tech, IT & Telecom
Logistics / WarehouseBanking & Financial Services
HealthcareEnergyEducationOil & GasPublic Policy
Real EstateNew Tech (AI / 5G / IoT, etc)


Executive ManagementBusiness Development
Research & Development