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Arches is SEA’s leading knowledge sharing platform.
Join our workforce and share your knowledge and expertise with firms/professional around the world


What We Do

Arches provides a platform for professionals to use their own expertise, the way they want to, when they want to.
Arches’ “Expert Matching” Service connects experts like you to our wide portfolio of clients seeking knowledge matching your expertise.
Register as an expert on the Arches’ platform and build your on-demand career working flexibly (hourly, daily, project-based) and helping top firms around the world solve their business problems by sharing your knowledge and experience.

Why work with us

  1. Your expertise is a valuable commodity

    Your knowledge and experience has significant market value.Connect with top firms and professionals to share your expertise and help shape their businesses.

  2. Work on your own terms

    Arches allows you to earn competitive salary by working flexibly when you want, how you want at your own discretion

  3. Enhance your career

    Arches allows you to work with top tier clients.
    Expand your network and further your professional development by connecting with and showcasing your talent

How It Works

  1. Step 01

    Register as Expert

    Sign-up and create your profile
    *Registration is free

  2. Step 02

    Receive a Consultation Request

    We will contact you when we identify a suitable project matching your expertise
    We will set you up to discuss further details with the client for the consultation offer

  3. Step 03

    Share your expertise

    Once the offer is made, do what you do best and help shape the clients business by sharing your insights.
    Compensation will be paid to you for each completed services


  • Business Executives

    I was working for retail industry past 20 years in Thailand and participated in Arches platform as an expert of retail chain store management.
    Arches’ operation staffs are great at understanding where my expertise lies. I respect their consistency and professionalism to arrange the best fit for every project and appreciate their established operations for checking my qualifications / scheduling the consultation in a timely manner.
    Performing as Arches prestige expert can empower me to bolster my reputation and build upon my influencer status in this field globally.
    In addition, the Arches’ call meeting that I take are just as educational for me as for Arches’ clients and enable me to expand my unique network as well.

    — Chief Operating Officer of retail chain store

  • Government officials

    I have been working as an ambassador in Vietnam for 3 years each.
    I know the top government officials of People’s Committee and deeply understand how they think and how we should communicate with them.
    After joining Arches platform, I could rediscover the value of those my knowledge / network and feel very happy to devote to the decision making of business leaders and sophisticated investors.
    Helping others and gaining monetary compensation for my professional insights within just 1 hour is the amazing win-win platform for both clients and experts.

    — Ex-ambassador in extraordinary and plenipotentiary to Vietnam


We are working on a myriad of projects across various industry/function/geography and welcome you to refer your talented friends and colleagues to join our workforce.

We will honour your contribution with a referral bonus which you will receive for each consultation that your referral completes within one year of joining our platform,
It’s our way of saying “thank you” for spreading the word and helping to grow our workforce.



  • What does Arches provide?

    Arches is a leading knowledge sharing platform providing expert matching service and business matching in Asia. We cooperate with a business executives to support Client to acquire knowledge/ business opportunity in multiple ways such as F2F meeting, phone consultation, on-site visits and web survey.

  • When can I gain reward?

    Consultation fee will be paid out on completion of the service at rates negotiated and fixed prior to the consultation.

  • How many offers can I receive in a year?

    We are working with numerous clients to source multiple projects across industries/function/geographies. The number of consultations offer you receive will depend on the market and the expertise/experience you can provide. As your profiles grow with successive completion of projects on our platform your likelihood of offer will increase.

  • Can I perform outside consulting under my employment agreement?

    You should not violate the contract signed with third party individuals/legal entities, especially your employer. You are solely responsible for determining whether you are permitted to consult given your employment circumstances.

  • Can I talk about the Employer of Customers or Suppliers of the company I work for?

    You may speak about a company that is a customer or supplier of your employer if you and your company have no confidentiality agreement with them and you do not disclose any information given to your company in confidence. However, you may not discuss your employer or confidential information concerning its relationship with the customer or supplier. Please also remeber that Arches Term&Use prohibit Expert from consulting about their employers.

  • Can I disclose the details of Arches Clinet consultations and sureveys with others?

    No you cannot. Any information you receive in connection with a consultation or an invitation to consult with Arches Client are strictly confidential. You may not disclose a Client’s identity, the subjects discussed or any information or materials provided to you by a Client. You should not share information concerning any surveys that you are provided by Arches either.

  • Can I revearl material non-public or otherwise confidential information to others?

    No you cannot. You should not notify or disclose non-public information, exclusive information. If you are asked a question that would require you to reveal those information during the consultation, you may end it and notify Arches customer support ( immediately.

  • Can I perform consulting for Arches Client outside of Arches?

    No you cannot. It is prohibited to intentionally engage with Arches Client within 1 year after the end of the Client’s project that Arches first introduced.
    You may continue consulting with clients of yours and may engage new Clients freely. Arches only ask you to continue to work through us with any Client to whom we first introduced you .
    If you are asked to work with the Client outside of Arches, please notify Arches customer support ( immediately.